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Wellness Plans

Our Wellness Plans Make Chiropractic Care Convenient & Affordable

Getting our patients well and keeping them well is our top priority here at Arrow. For this reason, we are making a great effort to have more options for people in the community who are seeking wellness-based health care. We are now introducing our Wellness Plans, which make chiropractic care more convenient and more affordable for everyone.

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Promoting Health & Wellness

We live in a world that teaches us if we are not in pain and don't have any symptoms, then our health is fine. When we experience pain or show symptoms, we go to the doctor until the pain or symptoms are gone. This is symptom relief and pain control, not health. At Arrow, we want you to be healthy.

Why Wellness Exams Are Important

Health is an investment. How many of us have felt fine when we go for a massage? It feels good at the time, but we feel even better afterward. It's the same with chiropractic adjustments. You can think you feel fine, but when you get adjusted, you feel better. The reason for this is that our bodies need alignment on a regular basis. Physically active people should be checked and receive chiropractic adjustments at least once per month. That's why we started our wellness program. It's simple and quick, and it's an affordable investment in your health.

Who Is Eligible?

There are a few ways to be eligible for our wellness program:

  1. We offer this to our existing patients who have already completed their initial treatment plans. Once you are out of pain and have no symptoms, we want to keep you healthy.
  2. This is for new patients who come to our office in pain. You will be required to undergo an initial exam and complete a course of treatment decided by you and the doctor. At the end of that time, you can enroll in a Wellness Plan.
  3. This is for new patients who come to the office seeking only wellness care. You can set up your membership with the office staff, have a brief exam performed by the doctor, and then receive your first wellness adjustment.

What You Can Expect On Your Visits

We want your visits to be no hassle for you. The first way we streamline our wellness program is by not accepting insurance payments if you enroll in a Wellness Plan (most insurance companies do not pay for "wellness care"). The second way is by making our wellness program an auto-debit system. We have employed a trusted company that automatically debits your bank account for the cost of the plan you choose. This saves time at the end of your visit, as you do not have to wait at the front desk to pay for services.

Your visit will look like this: you walk in and sign in; you are then directed to the adjustment area; the doctor sees you and adjusts you. This takes approximately 5 minutes. If you are in need of soft tissue work or minor therapy, that's done next for 10-15 minutes. Your whole appointment takes only 5-20 minutes!

What Will It Cost?

Dr. Krystle will advise you on what plan to choose. On average, people benefit the most from receiving a wellness adjustment every other week. Depending on your fitness level and job demands, once a week might help the most.

Wellness Plan Members
$60 for a Wellness Adjustment Once Per Month
$110 for a Wellness Adjustment Every Other Week
$200 for a Wellness Adjustment Once Per Week
Plus a $40 New Patient Exam Fee

$65 Per Adjustment

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A Special Discount

We give back to our community. A 20% discount is applied to our rates for all military personnel, firefighters, police officers, and teachers. Proper documentation is required.

Signing Up

Wellness Plans are designed for patients who need only quick maintenance adjustments. Patients experiencing pain are not eligible for Wellness Plans. If you have symptoms, an initial treatment plan must be completed. Once you are out of pain, you can be enrolled in our wellness program. The length of your initial treatment plan is determined by you and the doctor.

Insurance Claims — Members & Non-Members

Arrow doesn't accept insurance since we are a wellness-based clinic. If you are on a treatment plan, the Arrow staff can print off a superbill for you to file, but the insurance company must reimburse you. That means you pay the full amount due at the time service is provided.

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